En el medio de la dura batalla sin razones ni futuros, la pregunta es por qué veinticuatro años después despedazan al Líbano de nuevo. La guarnición para guarecerse, el escape transfrontera y la armada mecanizada ya sin nombre: me acuerdo cuando el diario gorilista con el que aprendí a leer hablaba del "ejercito judío", debía ser ese mismo, con letras espaciadas. Gustavo ahora Turner comenta desde el calor de masachuset que por allí los estudiantes juegan a Beirut, una competencia boba para tragarse mas cerveza ubicando pelotas de pin pon en vasos llenos. La referencia es, entonces, traída desde el reaganismo. Acá en el centro hoy almorcé dos guarniciones, puré y espinacas, mientras leía todos los reportes sobre el asunto que en la semana no había podido atravesar. La música, como siempre, está en los cables. De noticias.

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"The News from Mozambique"

There were two drums floating in the Mozambique channel. Probably fell off a ship.

Fishermen from the islands of Dogoro and Naputa happened upon them and brought them ashore.

It happened to be independence day in Mozambique, June 25th.

On the shore, the fishermen open the drums and smelled the liquid inside. Clearly alcoholic.

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Some of the fishermen suggested adding the stuff to the already flowing drinks celebrating independence day.

Others were suspicious. "Shouldn't drink something that's been fished out of the sea," they warned.

"We should ask a teacher before doing something foolish," some said. "Or a government official," others added.

"Nonsense!" one declared. "Your 'teacher' will probably bring along all his friends and the free liquor will be gone in minutes."

This shut the skeptics down. The stuff was added to the drink supply. Some mixed it with water, others with local cane and fruit spirits. Others--about ten of them--drank it neat.

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Soon after, the revelers began complaining about not feeling well, but there were no doctors or nurses in the area.

Help was sent for. In the next four days, nine fishermen died. When the nurses arrived to the islands, they found over forty people with severe vision problems.

They were all evacuated to the provincial capital where all but five recovered. The others went completely blind.

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Many islanders blamed the slow response of the medical team for the deaths and the blindness.

The doctors tried to explain that when methanol reaches the human liver, it breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde, which then destroys the optic nerve and other organs.

For the more skeptical fishermen, however, it was all further proof that there's no such thing as a free drink.

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